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Biography and essays
NANDIKESASMRUTHI: Upendran; Pub. by author, Achyutanandam, Sreenivasapuram P.O. 695145. Rs. 30.
CHEKANURE — AKAVUM PURAVUM — Collection of Essays: Mujeebur Rahman Kinalur — Editor; Poonthoppee Publications, Kozhikode. Rs. 55.
INNUMERABLE ARE the papers presented and published on Sri Narayana Guru. Still researchers and connoisseurs study the Guru, his philosophy and works.
This biography on the Guru contains information that has been hitherto overlooked. Opining that his work could serve as an appendix to all the earlier studies on the saint, the author deals in depth with the life of this savant who advocated the oneness of caste, religion and God.
Containing 18 chapters, the first nine depict Sri Narayana Guru as a philosopher. The rest deal with the reminiscences of the disciples of the Guru, some of them being Dr. Pulpu, Kumaran Aasan, Swami Dharmatirtha, Swami Ernest Kirk. Copious footnotes add to the value of this book serving as a handbook for those getting a fresh insight of the Guru who was a philosopher, social reformer and educationist par excellence.
The second book contains the views on the life and death of Chekanur Moulavi as aired by several critics like Sukumar Azhicode, Zackaria, Thoppil Mohammed Meeran. Several articles and news items published in dailies and monthlies also find a place here.
The book also reflects the painstaking efforts of the editor in compiling the material for this book.


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